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Buy Latex Mattress to Save More Money This Christmas

Want to buy latex mattress and still save money? Morning Owl always has your back. This Christmas, we are giving away our premium quality 100% natural latex mattress at flat 25% off along with natural latex pillows. Read to know how you can grab the exclusive offer before it’s too late!

Buy Latex Mattress and Say Goodbye to Your Sleep Woes

A natural latex mattress is certainly the best sleep accessory to get relaxed and comfortable sleep all night long. Moreover, if you have an active lifestyle or have persistent body aches, a natural latex mattress is sure to ease your pains and deliver you a good night’s sleep. Latex mattresses work wonders when used along with latex pillows.

Morning Owl natural latex mattresses and pillows are ergonomically made to support your spinal column and help sort your problems. Now that you have already decided to buy a natural latex mattress, you can find the high-quality range of Morning Owl products here.

Beware! Every Latex Mattress is Not the Same

Morning Owl has become the bestselling latex mattress of India within just a few years. Our spectacular success is backed by our conscious and hygienic approach to manufacturing 100% safe and supportive latex mattresses. However, if you think all latex mattresses are the same, you are wrong.

Our latex mattresses are not only different than others but also better. We exclusively manufacture our mattresses using pin core holes technology to make them bouncier, and more breathable. The added breathability not only ensures that you sleep cool but also reduces muscle stiffness and body pain. We also hold certifications that none other Indian latex mattress brands possess.

Moreover, we manufacture 100% natural latex mattresses without any harmful chemicals or additives. On the other hand, most of the latex mattresses you will come across will have a minimum of 5% toxins in them, which is not worth taking a risk when you have Morning Owl for you! Many mattress brands also manufacture latex mattresses using a blended or synthetic mattress and label them 100% natural.

How Can You Find an Authentic 100% Natural Latex Mattress?

To buy latex mattress that is completely safe to sleep on, you must ensure that the brand owns at least the following certifications:

·         BRIT QUALIS

·         ISO

·         eco-INSTITUT, and

·         OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Buy Latex Mattress to Save More Money This Christmas

Grab 25% Off with Morning Owl!

As much as we care about your spinal health, we equally worry about your budget. And, that’s why we are giving a 25% off discount to our valuable customers if they buy our premium quality latex mattress. Along with this discount, we are also giving away our latex pillows for FREE. If you are confused about which mattress and pillow type should you go for, you can contact us and one of our sleep experts will guide you through it.

Ready to buy latex mattress at a 25% discount and grab your FREE pillows? Here’s your promo code:


Isn’t it a December to Remember?

We know you love this holiday offer! After all, we want to make this Christmas even more special for you! Hurry up! Don’t let this offer go before it ends. It is time to bring home your new friend that takes care of your body and supports you exceptionally.

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