Best Orthopedic Mattress Brands in India

Looking for the best orthopedic mattress brands in India to get rid of your back pain?

Orthopedic mattresses are the types of mattresses that are ergonomically designed to provide support to the back. These mattresses are highly sold across the world because approximately 8 out of every 10 people experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Providing utmost comfort and correcting the spine, these mattresses are recommended by medical professionals to help treat back pain.

Latex and memory foam are the two most common types of materials used in orthopedic mattresses in India.

Now if you are wondering what is better between the two, the answer lies ahead. Please keep on reading to know the leading orthopedic mattress brands in India.

Top 3 Orthopedic Mattress Brands India: Latex Mattress

We don’t recommend memory foam for orthopedic mattress brands India since it is not completely natural and traps body heat.

Latex, however, is a great choice for orthopedic mattresses as it helps the person sleep cool and sweat-free at night while keeping allergens away.

Here are the top three orthopedic latex mattresses in India:

1. Morning Owl Orthopedic Mattress

Available in common as well as custom sizes, Morning Owl Orthopedic Mattress is a completely natural sleeping surface with excellent breathability.

The mattress provides ergonomic support to the neck and back to allow pain relief and prevent any kinds of body aches. This mattress alleviates pressure points and divides your body weight into different zones to provide proper support to your spinal column.

The high-grade latex used inside this mattress ensures you sleep on a hypoallergenic, chemical-free and completely safe mattress.

This six-inch orthopedic mattress is also engineered to absorb the kinetic energy generated by the movement of your partner, so you can sleep undisturbed at night. This mattress provides 100 nights of free trial and offers 15 years of warranty.

Cost: Rs. ₹24,000 (approx) for Double Size

2. Hush Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattress

Also available in custom sizes, this five-inch thick orthopedic mattress is completely free from harmful chemicals and additives.

Made from 100% natural latex, Hush orthopedic mattress is a perfect blend of comfort and support. This mattress is hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, dust moulds and mites.

It helps to maintain the natural shape of your spine and corrects postural deformities. Very soft and plush, this mattress isolates motion transfer and provides a relaxing sleep at night.

This reversible mattress offers 30 nights of free trial and prevents body aches with regular usage.

Cost: Rs. ₹22,000 (approx) for Double Size

3. Amara Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattress

This six-inch thick latex mattress is another good option if you are looking for an orthopedic mattress in India.

With medium firmness, this mattress provides required cushioning and support to the body. Made up of natural latex, this mattress is resistant to allergens and dust moulds. Available in various sizes, this mattress corrects your spine while you sleep and keeps you cool at night.

The multi-layers of latex not only provide a comfortable sleeping surface but also absorb heavy weight and movement by another sleeping partner. This mattress will give you utmost comfort while supporting your back so that you can get up pain-free every morning.

This mattress doesn’t offer free nights of trials and has a limited warranty of only 5 years.

Cost: Rs. ₹21,000 (approx) for Double Size

We hope we narrowed down your search for the best latex orthopaedic mattresses in India.

Compare all the possible specs, read customer reviews and look for the best deals and policies. The ultimate decision lies with you.

Wishing you a restful sleep!

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