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Best Mattress in India for Back Pain: Side, Back & Stomach Sleepers

If you are looking for the best mattress in India for back pain but concerned about your sleeping position, you are not alone. Almost all mattress buyers worry about whether their new mattress will support their preferred sleeping position or not. Well, if you purchase the right mattress, you will not face any issues in your back support despite any position you are comfortable with.

Sleeping Positions: Choosing the Best Mattress in India for Back Pain

We all choose to sleep in different positions and styles. Although sleeping on the back is the most recommended position by scientists and medical professionals, sleeping position is something most people cannot easily change. Hence, your mattress should be able to adjust itself for you, right? So, even if you sleep in any position, you get the apt support required by your body.

Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t give you the required support for your comfortable position can contribute to backache, joint pain, sore pressure points, poor sleep, and discomfort. As sleeping on the side is one of the most common positions, most mattresses are constructed in a way that they are comfortable for side sleeping. But, not all are specifically designed to provide the utmost support, especially when switching sides.

Which Type of Mattress is Required for Various Sleeping Positions?

Let us have a look at the three most common sleeping positions carefully to understand which type of mattress is required in each scenario:

1. Back Sleeping

If you mostly sleep on your back, you have a great sleeping position but you can still get back pain if you don’t choose the right mattress for yourself. Furthermore, if you opt for a soft mattress, your spine won’t probably get enough support required for the proper alignment.

However, if you choose to sleep on a firm mattress, you may not feel very comfortable and might even end up switching your position. Sometimes, firm mattresses can also cause sore pressure points if they are not comfortable. Hence, a medium-firm mattress is a perfect choice for back sleepers.

2. Side Sleeping

The biggest reason side sleepers need a highly supportive mattress is because sleeping on the side enhances the pressure put on their hips and shoulders. Thus, such people need a very comfortable and snugly mattress that cushions their curves, relieves the pressure points, and aligns their spinal column perfectly.

However, when people hear that they need a snug mattress, they instantly think they need a soft mattress which is not the full truth. Although side sleepers must go for slightly softer mattresses, they shouldn’t neglect other important factors such as high breathability and appropriate support.

3. Stomach Sleeping

Although only a few percent of people choose to sleep on their stomachs, this position can cause back and neck pain in the long run. Hence, stomach sleepers need to opt for a medium-firm mattress that is soft and comfortable enough for the sleeper to sink into but firmly supports the spine throughout the night.

Which Mattress Fulfils the Requirement of All Types of Sleeping Positions?

As a 100% natural latex mattress is medium-firm, highly breathable, cushions the body curves, bouncy and very comfortable, it is the only mattress type that can support all types of sleeping positions alone and is hence, usually called the best mattress in India for back pain.

We recommend talking to your medical professional about the kind of mattress you need and deciding between a dual-sided natural latex mattress, an orthopaedic mattress or simply a medium-firm mattress.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you understand the importance of understanding your sleeping position and finding the best mattress in India for back pain accordingly. If you have any doubts, feel free to connect with us. Explore the Morning Owl mattress range to find your ideal mattress and grab a flat 25% discount along with a free natural latex cool pillow.

We also offer a 100 nights free trial with all our mattresses so that you can test your mattress thoroughly and easily return it to us in case you are not satisfied.

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