Buying Mattress

5 Things To Know Before Buying Mattress

Did you know that we spend 26 years sleeping in a life span of 79 years?  Mind-boggling, right? However, based on research conducted by Dreams, on average, a person with a lifespan of 79 years will spend more than 33 years in bed, including 26 years sleeping. 

This statement itself is a testimonial of how essential it is to invest in a good mattress. The first reason being we spent a significant amount of our life on this product, and a good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy life. 

Now, before you run to a shop and start buying mattress, let’s learn some essential points you must know about mattresses. This will help you select the best mattress and have a comfortable sleep. 

Buying Mattress

What You Should Know Before Buying Mattress

We cannot stress enough how you will spend a significant amount of time on a mattress. Hence, it is essential to get the right one. Here are some notable points you need to keep in mind prior to buying mattress:

  1. Free Trial Periods

Opt for mattresses that allow free trial periods as unless you have slept on the mattress for a considerable period; you won’t be able to comprehend whether it is adequate for you or not. This will allow you to return it if you don’t find the mattress living up to its claims.

Many top Indian mattress brands offer a trial period of 100 nights, allowing the users to evaluate the pros and cons before buying mattress. 

  1. Look for Medium Firmness

Your body requires an equilibrium of adequate softness and firmness. Remember, if your mattress is too soft, you will feel uncomfortable, whereas if your mattress is too firm, it can cause back pain.

  1. Don’t Rush 

It’s completely okay to spend weeks before buying mattress. After all, it is an expensive and essential sleep accessory. 

You need to carefully assess your options and then select the right mattress based on your requirement. 

Please make sure to invest your time researching for the best mattress by comparing various mattress options, understanding the pros and cons of different types of mattresses, and the price range.

  1. Do Not Neglect Breathability 

Prior to buying mattress, it is crucial to note down whether the mattress is breathable or not. The reason why it is imperative to look for a highly breathable mattress is that a mattress with excellent air circulation increases the blood flow inside our body, relieving stiff muscles, joint pain, and sore pressure points.

While most people and even some experts think that a memory mattress is breathable and will regulate your temperature, just because it is soft, it seldom does. Instead, it traps your body heat to get softened, making you feel sweaty and exhausted all night long.

Hence, go for a 100% natural latex mattress, as it will help you regulate the temperature and allow you to sleep peacefully even in warmer weather. 

  1. Choose the Right Thickness Based on Your Bodyweight 

Did you know that our body weight is vital in determining the effectiveness of the mattress? Your mattress will regulate body temperature and offer contour based on your weight. Hence here are the three factors you need to keep in mind prior to buying mattress: 

  • Based on the universal comfort rule, if you’re an average sleeper having a body weight of 50 to 60 kg, you can go for any type of mattress with six inches thickness.

  • For a light sleeper weighing less than 50 kg, the thickness of the mattress can be around 4 or 5 inches, too but sleeping on a 6 inches mattress does no harm either.

  • However, for people with a body weight of more than 70 kg, the thickness of the mattress should be 8 inches to offer adequate support. 

To Sum it Up

We hope we helped you understand the five most important things to consider before buying mattress. Please go through a detailed mattress buying guide before making a purchase. 

The Morning Owl 100% Natural Latex Mattress offers 100 nights of the free trial, is highly certified, and ensures that its mattresses are highly breathable and durable. 

Moreover, if you have any medical issues or chronic back pain, please browse through our range of orthopedic mattresses or consult a medical professional, osteopath, chiropractor, or physiotherapist to understand what type of mattress your body needs.

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