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5 Facts About Sleep That’ll Help You Buy Mattress In India

Wondering how to buy mattress in India that is perfect for your body but can’t pick the ideal one? Browse through our extensive list of five unheard facts about sleep that is sure to help you decide which type of mattress you must purchase.

Overwhelmed by the Mattress Choices Available Out There?

While purchasing a new mattress, most people are confused after looking at the myriad of options available out there. They are unable to figure out what’s right for them. Some either make a hurried decision without considering important factors while others cannot decide what’s a good choice even after browsing through endless web pages.

The way we sleep has a deep impact on our overall health and thus, helps us select our ideal mattress. If you want to buy mattress in India, knowing some facts about sleeping is sure to help you understand which type of mattress would be a worthy investment for you. So, rather than confusing yourself about spring vs. coir vs. memory foam vs. latex mattress, get to know some unknown facts about sleeping.

5 Sleep Facts You Need to Know to Buy Mattress in India

Here are the five facts we think are very necessary to decide how to pick the right mattress for yourself:

1. The long-term consequences of poor sleep include the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiac ailments.

Hence, if you are suffering from poor sleep on your existing mattress, you need to replace it with a non-disturbing, motion isolating and highly supportive mattress. Memory foam and latex are the biggest contenders for comfortable and supportive mattresses.

2. Night sweats can expose you to countless allergies and more risk of suffocation and choking

Most of the adults sweat while sleeping which may result in choking or a snoring sound. While this may happen due to hormonal reasons, one of the biggest factors that contributes to night sweats is hot weather and a mattress with poor breathability. If you feel exhausted and sweaty at night, you need to buy mattress in India with excellent air circulation.

It has been scientifically proven that the only mattress with the best air circulation is a 100% natural latex mattress since it is manufactured using thousands of tiny pin core holes punched into the latex foam. The added breathability thus helps the sleeper in sleeping cool and with almost no risks of suffocation and choking.

3. Sleepers who face heat trap at night get back pain

A poorly breathable mattress also reduces the blood circulation inside the body which in turn makes the muscles stiff and painful. Thus, if you sleep on a highly breathable mattress like a 100% natural latex mattress, you will not only sleep cool but will also have very low chances of acquiring back pain.

4. People with short sleep duration tend to be heavier in weight than those who get adequate sleep

If your mattress is not comfortable and supportive enough to help you get adequate sleep, you are more likely to gain weight because poor sleep can lead to unproductive, tired days with no motivation to work out, and binge on unhealthy snacks.

5. Sleeping on a 100% natural latex mattress improves the sleep quality thus improving overall health, productivity at work and balance personal life

Due to its medium-firmness, high comfort, and utmost support, a 100% natural latex mattress helps you sleep by thus cushioning your curves properly and aligning your spinal column in the right way. It helps you wake up more energized and pain-free.

The Bottom Line

We hope the sleep facts shared above helped you understand the crucial aspects you need to consider about your mattress. If you are confused about what type of mattress is the best to sleep on, please read our mattress buying guide to understand all the most commonly available types of mattresses in India and compare their pros and cons.

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