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100% Natural Latex Mattress Price in Mumbai

Looking for the best natural latex mattress in Mumbai? Can’t shortlist the top brands to see if the mattress is under your budget? Read on to know what is a latex mattress price in Mumbai so that you can easily find your ideal mattress.

Natural Latex Mattress: A Haven for Mumbai’s Weather

Sleeping in Mumbai’s dry and humid conditions can be difficult, especially during the monsoon season. On top of that, if you don’t sleep on the right mattress, you may end up getting skin allergies, respiratory problems, inadequate back support, discomfort while sleeping, and suffocation. So, it is very important to sleep on the right type of mattress to beat the heat.

If you live in Mumbai, a natural latex mattress is the best choice for you. Despite your age, activity level, and sleeping position, a latex mattress ensures you sleep cool and comfortable all night long. Hence, if you want to replace your mattress with a new one, you must look for a natural latex mattress.

Beware! Choose Only a Natural Latex Mattress

Before we proceed further, it is very crucial to note that synthetic and blended natural latex mattresses are also very popular in the market. These mattresses are not hypoallergenic and safe to sleep on. So, you must cross-check through the certifications to know whether the mattress brand shortlisted by you uses 100% natural latex mattress or not.

Natural Latex Mattress Price in Mumbai

If you want to know what is the average latex mattress price in Mumbai, we can help you out. However, the pricing shared by us is just average data on the current market rates. This pricing may vary from time to time, brand to brand, variant to variant, and may and may not have seasonal discounts.

Furthermore, the latex mattress price in Mumbai depends on the mattress size, thickness, firmness level, etc. The pricing may also vary on mattress specifications such as an orthopedic mattress, luxury mattress, extra-airy mattress, super thick mattress, bouncy mattress, etc.

Single Sized Mattress

Single sized mattresses are either bought for single beds or used as a combination of two for a double bed. Some people choose to buy two single mattresses instead of one doubled sized mattress as they believe that this way, there will be no disturbance even if the partner tosses and turns at night.

However, this is not the case with a natural latex mattress. You can easily choose to buy a double-sized latex mattress despite a disturbing partner as it isolates motion transfer, makes zero noise, and ensures that the other partner is not disturbed at night.

Approximate Size: 78″x36″

4-inch thickness: Rs. 25,999 or above

6-inch thickness: Rs. 33,999 or above

Double Sized Mattress

As mentioned above, double-sized mattresses can be bought without a doubt even if you sleep with a disturbing partner.

Approximate Size: 78″x48″

4-inch thickness: Rs. 32,999 or above

6-inch thickness: Rs. 41,999 or above

Queen Sized Mattress

Generally preferred for smaller master bedrooms, a queen-sized mattress is smaller than a king-sized one but bigger than a double-sized mattress.

Approximate Size: 78″66″

4-inch thickness: Rs. 38,999 or above

6-inch thickness: Rs. 53,999 or above

King Sized Mattress

Perfect for a high-end, spacious room, a king-sized latex mattress is more expensive than a single and double-sized mattress.

Approximate Size: 78″x84″

4-inch thickness: Rs. 41,999 or above

6-inch thickness: Rs. 56,999 or above

What’s Your Bed Size?

Now that you have an idea of the approximate price range for latex mattresses, what size are you looking for? Do you have a normal bedroom or a spacious one? Would you prefer one double-sized mattress or two single sized ones? If you have any further queries, feel free to drop a comment below and we’d be happy to assist you!

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