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How is Morning Owl the Best Mattress for Pregnant Women?

Hello ladies! Congratulations on being pregnant! Your body is at a beautiful stage where you are going to experience a lot of physical as well as emotional changes. Although pregnancy is an exhilarating experience, it is also tiresome and challenging. You want your body to be completely at rest so that your sleep isn’t affected at all. So, if you are looking for the best mattress for pregnant women, Morning Owl is one of the best mattresses for you. 

Want to know why? Here are a few reasons!

Morning Owl – The Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

There are a lot of mattresses available in the market, designed to provide support to pregnant women. However, we at Morning Owl are only sure of none but own quality and specifications. Hence, we are sure that Morning Owl is the best mattress for pregnant women. Here’s what we’ve to say!

1. Completely made up of Latex: As Morning Owl mattresses are completely made up of latex, they provide core support to pregnant women, no matter what type of sleeper are they. From sleeping on their side to sleeping on the back, latex is a great option.

2. Comfort: Latex is an extremely comfortable material; hence, Morning Owl latex mattresses offer sound and uninterrupted sleep to pregnant ladies. Did you know that the quality of your sleep is directly linked to your pregnancy? You need plenty of rest and just in case you don’t get quality sleep, it can affect you as well as the baby’s health.

3. Organic Cotton Fabric: Our mattresses have an organic cotton fabric made by chemical-free procedures which ensures that the pregnant ladies do not experience any sort of discomfort. Our mattresses are also breathable and plush!

4. Healthy and Safe: Our mattress is the best mattress for pregnant ladies as it is completely safe and healthy. Our mattresses are completely made up of 100% organic latex, so they are completely safe, healthy, and natural. 

5. Temperature Control: Another reason Morning Owl is the best mattress for pregnant women is that it has a special cooling technique which helps in stabilizing the temperature according to the climate. This cooling technology is a huge plus point to consider if you are pregnant as is helps in getting a better sleep even if it very hot outside.

6. Hypoallergenic: Another factor that makes Morning Owl the best mattress for pregnant women in India is that it is hypoallergenic. As it is made up of organic material, it is free from allergies due to which molds, mites, and allergens stay away and pregnant ladies can sleep without any worries.

7. Motion Isolation: A huge issue that happens with pregnant ladies is frequent wakefulness and alertness, especially when they sleep with a partner. Morning Owl latex mattresses have a motion isolation technology which in turn avoids disturbance of sleep even if the partner tosses and turns too often. This is another great reason which makes us the best mattress for pregnant ladies.

8. Medium Firmness Level: Morning Owl mattresses have a medium firmness, which means that they are neither too soft nor too firm. They provide the required support to you so that you can sleep comfortably while your body gets the right support needed.

These were some of the main reasons which make Morning Owl the best mattress for pregnant women. As you ride on this rollercoaster, we are here to help you overcome the challenges you may face every day. With us, you can get your much-deserved sleep during your 9-months amazing motherhood journey!

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