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It is constructed of a contour shaped solid natural latex foam that has two heights on the sides, 8 cm and 10 cm. Our 45 kg/ m3 denisty Contour Latex foams have soft firmness. If you have neck pain/spondylitis/cervical disorders or you need contour-shaped neck support, than this the best pillow that fit in your need.


58 cm x 38 cm x 8 cm/10 cm

Pack Size:

1 Pillow

2 Pillows



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Contour Shaped

3 Years Warranty




Morning Owl Latex Pillows are made of 100% natural latex which is eco- INSTITUT and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Certified for latex purity. It is a high grade natural latex pillow with built in ergonomic support which allows better air circulation and relief from pressure points.

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Superb Neck support

Contour shape of this soft latex pillow, combined with natural goodness of latex, ensures that you get an optimal neck support. This pillow perefectly fit into the natural curves of your neck and body which provides unparalled comfort.

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Soft Firmness

Our soft contour latex pillow provides the appropriate support and firmness while being soft enough to allow for unmatched comfort around the head and neck area.

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Nature’s Goodness

Because natural latex is inherently antimicrobial, our pillows are designed to keep mold, mildew, and dust mites at bay. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, in addition to being hypoallergenic. It is one of the finest options for even those who suffer from respiratory difficulties such as asthma.

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Minimal Maintenance

Pillows made of natural latex do not require frequent cleaning because it is a sanitary material. As a result, taking care of it is a breeze.


Responsiveness and breathabilty of natural latex with the softness of organic cotton and with the stain like feel of natural tencel fabric.

healthy for you

Healthy For You

Morning owl latex rubber foams are Eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Natural. These certificates confirm that our pillows are devoid of hazardous chemicals and are even suitable for infants. Rest assured, with us, you and your family are not exposed to any unsafe surface.

healthy for planet

Healthy For Planet

Our Natural Latex pillows are made with pure latex which is extracted from the rubber tree. As the main essence of our pillows are taken from nature, hence they are completely eco-friendly and biodegrable. What more? Rubber trees actually reduce carbon dioxide in the air by a huge margin. Hence, cultivating them is a huge boon!

need more reasons

Need More Reasons

One-third of your day is spent on the bed. We understand that your bed is the safest area in the house for you and your family. That's why we use natural materials to create Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free mattresses and pillows, featuring 100% Natural Dunlop latex. Rest assured you are buying peace of mind with Morning Owl.

3 Years Warranty

All our natural latex pillows comes with 3 year warranty and that can assure you for long lasting pillow life. So keep grinding on it, it’s not going to give up anytime soon.


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Rathan cr

Pillows review

We bought regular and contoured pillows. We have used it for 2 weeks. We love the pillows. The contour variety is slightly thinner than regular ones. Shredded ones are too thick. But regular ones are perfect in thickness and softness. Overall a wonderful product. Also special mention about Nicholas, a member of their Sales team. He explained very well about the varieties of pillows and provided suggestions. He was available at any time to clarify your questions. He was wonderful. Thanks, Nicholas.

soumyadeep dutta

Best Natural chemical-free pillow available

I bought both contour and regular latex pillow and after a few months of usage, I must say that it feels amazing! It feels super comfortable and I’ve been sleeping like a baby now. My two-year-old son wants to sleep with me on the same contour pillow. Now you can imagine how comfy the pillow is. It's worth the money for sure. A Must buy indeed. Also, I must say the service of customer care is best to believe me. Not like other brands. You can blindly trust them. They are here to take care of the customer’s sleep, not just do business (personal opinion)

avikalp kumar

The best...hands down

I’m more than satisfied with the latex cervical pillow. The cervical pillow is best when made of latex. A memory foam cervical pillow is as good as a flat pillow. Thank you Morning owl!

Venkatesh Vuppada

Thanks Morning Owl for crafting a very useful product

I was desperately searching for a best quality mattress and went online and searched across different websites. In addition, I visited several local stores to find out the best one. My search came to a conclusion after ordering Natural Latex mattress from Morning Owl. Initially, I was skeptical to order this product since it is expensive when compared to normal mattress and wondered about its authenticity. However, I am highly satisfied with this product and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a durable, and comfortable mattress. I’m sure this big guy (trust me its huge and heavily built) would last for a couple of decades if taken good care. I opted for the 8 inch mattress which has extra foamy layer that gives me extra comfort. Added bonus is the pillow. Best pillows in the market out there cannot compete with this one. I’d recommend ordering the CONTOUR type pillow instead of the regular ones. I found that the regular model is bit higher for my neck and replaced with the Contour type. Thanks for the exceptional customer care who assisted us all the way through the order and replacing the pillows and answering important questions for us.


Morning Owl contour latex pillow

I bought Morning Owl contour latex pillow some time ago and have found it to be really comfortable and it has a premium feel to it - both the latex filling as well as the outer tencel cover. The pillow doesn't retain heat. I was using a memory foam pillow prior to this and it was retaining a lot of heat especially during summer. The switch to Morning Owl latex pillow upon the recommendation of its founder Mr. Gourav Raj worked out well for me.

Monika Meena

The wonder (Latex) pillow

This pillow provides unprecedented comfort to your upper spine. Combine it with a Morning Owl mattress and you get a daily body sleep detox for yourself. These pillows are meticulously crafted to provide the best comfort to your neck whether you're a straight sleeper or a side-sleeper. Kudos.