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Available in 4" and 6” thickness, our firm orthopaedic natural latex mattresses provide the perfect firm support, especially for heavy weight people and people with back pain issues. It comes with an ILD of 48 and a density of 110 kg/m³.






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The Best, Natural Solution For Back Pain

Our Extra Firm Orthopedic Latex Mattress is built to provide perfect firmness along with naturally orthopaedic and health benefits to relive you from back and neck pain issue. The Pin-Core technology ensures maximum breathability, along with that our firm 4” and 6" organic latex foam ensures a reinforced and comfy sleep.

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The Best Solution For Back Pain

Latex's excellent cushioning and durable support play an important role in back, neck or joint pain relief. The firm latex foam aids in keeping the spine straight and relieves pressure, allowing you to wake up pain-free and rejuvenated.

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Even Distribution of Body Weight

Aside from promoting good sleep, ergonomic properties of latex foam prevents any portion of your body from sagging in one direction and ensures even weight distribution by supporting your body's curves and reinforces spinal strength.

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Breathable & Natural Cooling

Our Latex mattresses have pin core holes which is an open cell-structure that regulates air flow and makes it 7 times more breathable. It keeps the surface temperature cool even during hot and humid conditions.

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suitable for everyone

This Mattress is intended to be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Also it is suitable for any sleeping position, be it on the side, on the stomach or on the back, since it distributes weight equally regardless of your sleeping patterns.

What’s Inside Our Extra Firm Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattresses

Our extra firm orthopedic natural latex mattresses have single 4” or 6" solid natural latex foam with 110 kg/m³ density and an ILD of 48. It is wrapped in a completely organic cotton inner cover. Outer cover is made of chemical free Tencel fabric that offers a range of features including gentleness of skin and long-lasting softness.

**Custom size mattresses may not be a single block and side pasting may be required. Kindly contact us for any clarification

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The anti-bacterial fabric cover is known for its moisture absorptivity, along with its smooth surface, which feels soft and supple on the skin.

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Want a firm support for your back?
The Orthopedic Latex Mattress has a single 4”/6" firm latex layer. The latex foam in this mattress is firm enough to provide stomach, back, and side sleepers with cervical issues an adequate amount of uplifting for a night of hassle-free sleep.

Require Custom Size?

Choose the firmness that suits you the best and order your custom size natural latex mattress today

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    Before ordering measure your bed size.
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    Remove existing mattress and using inch tape/flat ruler, measure length and width of your bed.
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    Call our sleep experts, if you are still not sure about what size will perfectly fit in to your bed.


 Healthy For You

Healthy For You

Morning owl latex rubber foams are Eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Natural. These certificates confirm that our mattresses are devoid of hazardous chemicals and are even suitable for infants. Rest assured, with us, you and your family are not exposed to any unsafe surface.

 Healthy For Planet

Healthy For Planet

Our Natural Latex mattresses are made with pure latex which is extracted from the rubber tree. As the main essence of our toppers are taken from nature, hence they are completely eco-friendly and biodegrable. What more? Rubber trees actually reduce carbon dioxide in the air by a huge margin. Hence, cultivating them is a huge boon!


Need More Reasons ?

One-third of your day is spent on the bed. We understand that your bed is the safest area in the house for you and your family. That's why we use natural materials to create Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free mattresses and pillows, featuring 100% Natural Dunlop latex. Rest assured you are buying peace of mind with Morning Owl.

Highly Durable With

15 Years Warranty

Morning Owl natural latex mattresses are highly durable due to its all natural origin. It adapts to your body’s needs as they change with time. By handcrafting each mattress with pure latex foams, we ensure that your new natural mattress will be comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting for years to come.



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Our Extra Firm Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattresses have 4”/6" single solid natural latex foam with 110 kg/m³ density and an ILD of 48. It has comfort level 9 on the scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the softest and 10 is the highest firmness.

** Custom size mattresses may not be a single block and side pasting may be required. Kindly contact us for any clarification


SINGLE20 kg31 kg
DOUBLE27 kg41 kg
QUEEN34 kg50 kg
QUEEN XL37 kg56 kg
KING40.5 kg61 kg


Morning owl latex foams are Eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Natural. These certificates are testimony that our mattresses are free of hazardous chemicals and are even suitable for infants. Rest assured, you and your family are completely safe in our all natural mattresses.


Years 1 - 10: Full coverage, Non-Prorated | Years 11-15: Limited Coverage, Prorated
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Venkata Karnati

Best for people with orthopedic problems

Purchased for my father who had spine problem... It's gives really good comfort and support to the spine... Had turned out to be the best purchase as with other mattresses he had frequent back pain... Excellent quality by morning owl

Santhosh gudur

Are you having a backache or looking for a Latex mattress...Read this review...

We were looking for a Latex mattress as we already had one latex mattress from Foams India and were satisfied with the product. We Inquired with Foams India and they were not ready to match the discount provided by My Morning Owl. As there was a 100-day Free Trial and Return with no questions asked, we ordered Morning Owl Firm Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattress 78"x60"x 6 Inches Thickness on Jan 7th, 2021. We are extremely happy with the product. We also got two mattresses free with the order. The service is extremely good. I also suggested my cousin buy this product. They have purchased the same product and they are also extremely happy with the product. So, I suggest everyone looking for a latex mattress or suffering from back pain go for this product with complete trust as this is the best product available in the market.

Nag Potineni

My night reading of Morning Owl!

I reviewed the website information of many mattresses manufacturing companies. But I am more assured and happier with the mattress information of Morning Owl from their website. Good information on mattress material and properties, Quality assurance, Customer satisfaction- 100 nights free trial, free delivery, and return policy, 15 years warranty, discounts, good customer reviews, and friendly interaction with customers on call. All this positivity enabled me to buy a mattress from Morning Owl. I purchased a King size 6-inch Thick Orthopedic Latex mattress from Morning Owl in December 2020. I am a senior citizen needing good back support. For me and my wife, the Latex mattress was all comfortable and excellent for side sleeping. I found the mattress was a little inconvenient for my back due to a feeling of more bouncing back pressure and less support to the hip. But my wife was fully comfortable for all sleeping positions including stomach sleep. I think the firmness would have been a little more to support my back adequately. This experience ultimately made me return the mattress after about 70 days of usage. Customer care understood my problem from my writings and discussions and I was looking for a solution from them. They are highly customer friendly and they suggested that I opt for an HR foam & Latex composite mattress as a special case from their legacy products. The new mattress was supplied in April 2021. I am using the mattress for the past 4 months. It is comfortable for all sleep modes and supports back sleep. However, from a comfort point of view, the Latex mattress is still superior to my opinion. Here I would like to draw some points from my experience of buying a mattress. 1) Selecting a mattress suited to one's body is not an easy job particularly for elderly people. 2) For the elderly, orthopedic mattresses are more appropriate as they are configured to provide better support and comfort. 3) I read many reviews, articles on mattresses before buying. It was much helping to understand what suits me and not to get confused. To simplify the matter, I like to recommend the elderly generation to go for only orthopedic mattresses irrespective of the material. I like to select a material based on its shape-retaining characteristics, firmness, and coolness. I consider Natural Latex of Morning Owl is a trusted material with all these characteristics. In this whole mattress buying process, I am fully comfortable with My Morning Owl as they did their job well with their full cooperation in finding a solution. Morning Owl is living up to its policy of customer satisfaction by way of reliable products and services at a reasonable price. Thank You Morning Owl!

Hari Babu Amarpalli

I Hari Babu Amarapalli

I Hari Babu Amarapalli, from Rajahmundry, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, before purchase of MORNING OWL I have been facing problem with back pain and neck pain last 12 years now I have been using Duroflex spring mattress from last 8 years, i have not been sleeping on the mattress at least 300 days if, I sleeping on the mattress, I am getting back pain and neck pain lot on the next day due that I has mentally disturbed and I am not concentrate on work. I have searched suitable mattress in online and offline more than one month with many companies and shops, now days, organic mattress are new in India some companies are producing rubberized organic mattress but Morning Owl only give the mattress with low cost with good mattress and better reviews by the customers, finally I have decided to buy a Morning Owl Ortho mattress. I have purchased morning owl Ortho mattress in September 2020 and have been using regularly, it has been give good experience of purchase. Comfortable to sleep with ideal back support and firmness and no heat produce by the mattress and also, the mattress where the outer cover could be easily removed and washable, finally, I am very much satisfied with mattress to control my low back and neck pains, children’s are enjoining the firmness of mattress they are sleeping more time comparatively earlier days. I suggested to everybody that, can choose Morning Owl mattress for better experience with good sleep.

Ashish Ranjan

Purchased an ortho mattress

Purchased an ortho latex mattress in march 2019. Has been fully satisfied with the mattress. It has helped in a lot in the consistent back pain issue which I had. Mattress quality also is excellent and I would definitely say that it is absolutely worth the money.

Gipsun Joseph

Soft but comfy mattress

I bought the orthopaedic latex mattress (78*48*6) for my dad who always prefers hard surface mattress. The delivery of the mattress was done a day before the ETA. Though the hardness of the mattress was not as hard as expected, till date, my dad never complained anything about this mattress. His only concern was about the price of the mattress. If you are okay to spend for a quality mattress, go for this. Perhaps, you could use my referral code (nccn71837) if you could get extra discount. Stay safe and comfy!