This sleep-quality questionnaire—the Sleep Condition Indicator—was developed by Colin Espie, professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford and a cofounder of the sleep-education app Sleepio. Consider it a helpful, sciencebacked tool to start a conversation with yourself, your family, and your friends, and a useful reference as you take steps to renew or sustain your relationship with sleep.

To start, circle the most accurate response for each question. At the end, add up your points to get your sleep assessment, along with tips for improvement.

Thinking about a typical night in the last month . . .

1. How long does it take you to fall a sleep?
2. If you then wake up one or more times during the night, how long are you awake in total? (Add up all the time you are awake.)
3. If your final wake-up time occurs before you intend to wake up, how much earlier is this?
4. How many nights a week do you have a problem with your sleep?
5. How would you rate your sleep quality?
  1. Thinking about the past month, to what extent has poor sleep . . .
6. affected your mood, energy, or relationships?
7. Affected your concentration, productivity, or ability to stay awake?
8. Troubled you in general?
9. How long have you had a problem with your sleep?
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