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How Morning Owl is Different?

100% Natural

Chemical free experience for a healthy life.

Floating in the Air

Body-contouring provides you a better sleep.

100 Night Trial

Use the first 30 nights for a unique experience

Made in India

From the exotic forests of God’s own country – Kerala.

25 Years Warranty

Our 100% latex mattress comes with 25 years warranty.

We use the more preferred Dunlop process to manufacture our mattresses

Pin-Core Technology

Only Pure Latex

Benefits of Natural Mattresses

We use the highest quality of natural material

Natural latex mattresses are wonderful sleeping accessories. We believe that sleep should come naturally.


Wake up fresh

A healthy life Starts from a healthy sleep. Morning Owl helps you operate at 100% potential by ensuring that you get a good night sleep. Get ready to conquer your day.


Pain Relief

Provides pressure-free support. Its incredible durability means that mattress sagging, a major cause of night-time back pain, is eliminated.


Uninterrupted Deep Sleep

Designed keeping each individual’s unique profile in mind so that you can experience sleep like never before.


No tossing and turning

Due to increased and regular circulation of blood in the body, there will be no more interruptions for you at night. Sleep like a baby.



Provides the benefits of a spring mattress, without its squeaks, which heightens your romantic pleasures.


Pressure Relief

Mattress takes the shape of your body which maximizes the skin-contact area, thereby reducing the pressure on shoulders, back and hips.


Zero Partner Disturbance

Morning Owl mattress absorbs the kinetic energy generated by your partner's movement (Crawling in and out of bed). So, it does not interfere with your sleep.


Back Support

No matter in what position you sleep, Morning Owl ensures that your spine is in perfect line and prevents any potential back issues.

Perfect Mattress For Sound Sleep



Durablity 81%
Odor 82%
Min. Motion 88%
Cool Sleep 67%
Edge Support 81%
Durablity 84%
Odor 76%
Min. Motion 77%
Cool Sleep 83%
Edge Support 82%

Morning Owl latex actually outperforms memory foam in every way

Perfect Mattress For Sound Sleep

Pure Health

Natural Latex offers an assorted range of health benefits. It is hypoallergenic and naturally resists mold, dust mites and microbes. It does not contain any volatile organic compounds or other harmful substances which are found in chemical-based bed foams. Also, it has a unique feeling of buoyancy, unlike memory foam, which provides perfect support and unrivalled comfort.



Safe for Children

No VOC/Harmful Chemicals

Luxuriously Supportive

The Morning Owl latex mattress has the springiness that you feel when you lie down. It is entirely due to the natural properties of the latex. It immediately responds to each curve of your body for pressure-free support and unparalleled comfort on both traditional and adjustable bases.


The open cell structure of Morning Owl allows air circulation to happen freely, dissipating body heat and therefore, provides cool and comfortable sleep. This natural air flow allows 7 times more breathability in mattress which helps sleepers experience deep, rejuvenated sleep.

What A Mattress Should Cost?

We’ve re-built the traditional supply chain to eliminate every unnecessary cost. Forget about giant retail mark-ups, sneaky marketing gimmicks.

Discover the Magic