Importance of a Good Night Sleep


There are three things that are absolutely necessary to maintain good health – well-rounded diet, exercise, and proper sleep. While a lot of has been said and written about the first two, the sleep part often gets ignored. Work, busy schedules, other activities – everything takes away from your bedtime and you end up sleeping less and less and keep making excuses to justify the behavior.


But not getting enough sleep can have an adverse impact on your health. It can even affect how functional you are during the time you are awake. Here are the top 5 reasons you need a good sleep.  

Burn More Calories

Are you wondering why your diet and exercise are getting you the desired result? Take another look at your sleep schedule. Your body burns calories when you are sleeping. In addition to that, lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity in children and in adults [1]. People who sleep less are also more likely to binge on junk food, which in turn leads to a weight gain. So, get your beauty on a comfortable mattress and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Life Style

Increase Productivity

A good night’s sleep is important for improving your concentration and cognitive skills. Lack of sleep can make you less attentive and lead you to make mistakes in your daily life. Not only does good sleep improve concentration, but it can also boost your memory and problem-solving skills. Think about it! All you have to do is rest properly and your brain naturally gets a boost!

Increase Productivity

Improve Your Mood

Lack of proper sleep has a great impact on your mood. It is associated with an increased risk of depression and behavioral problems. Almost 90% of people who experience depression do not get enough sleep[2]. This holds even more true for those who experience sleep disorders. If you are searching for how to sleep better, then an organic latex mattress from Morning Owl can go a long way in improving the quality of your sleep.       

Live Longer & Healthier

Poor sleep can have a major impact on many health risk factors. These can, in turn, increase your chances of getting a heart attack, stroke or even diabetes. Lack of sleep also impacts your immune system negatively. In short, not giving your body proper rest wreaks havoc on your immune system and also increases the chances of certain lifestyle diseases, which can then lead to a decrease in your life span. Morning Owl’s naturally orthopaedic mattress offers the best support for your back and lets you sleep like a baby. 


Improve Your Children’s Overall Health

Although good sleep is important for adults, its importance increase manifold for children. The growth hormone is released when they sleep. It helps improve their performance in school and helps them retain what they learn, including things like how to ride a bike, language capability, etc. In short, it helps them retain everything they need to survive as an adult. It is absolutely important that children get more than 8 hours of sound sleep every night. Morning Owl’s natural breathable mattress is the best mattress for the newborn baby and for growing children.

Sleep Better on Morning Owl’s Mattress

Morning Owl offers India’s first eco-friendly mattress is made from organic latex and is 100% chemical free. The mattress offers the best support for your back and neck and therefore, and suitable for everyone, including adults, children and those with back pain problems. This naturally breathable mattress is also best suited for the Indian climate as it dissipates your body heat and will keep you cool in the summer. You can get this in any size you want and the mattress can also be custom made to fit your bed! These are just some of the features that make Morning Owl’s mattress the best mattress in India.


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