Morning Owl Orthopedic Mattress

How Morning Owl Orthopedic Mattress Nails Back Pain Relief?

Ergonomically designed to provide better support to back pain patients, Morning Owl orthopedic mattress nails chronic body pain relief within weeks. Wondering how? Read to know all about our premium-quality orthopedic mattress if you are also suffering from terrible backache and are on a hunt to find your ideal mattress.

Reasons Why Morning Owl Orthopedic Mattress Works Magically in Back Pain Relief

Many people try countless approaches and methods to get rid of sore pressure points and painful backs every morning, but they lack proper information and the root cause of their issues. Specially manufactured with focused technology and approach to provide improved back support and align the spinal column aptly, an orthopedic mattress is all you might need if nothing seems to help your back pain.

Although there are many types of orthopedic mattresses available in India, here’s what Morning Owl orthopedic mattress does differently to help you say goodbye to your uncomfortable and welcome a relaxing, deep sleep every morning.

1. Focus on High Breathability

Most of the mattresses talk about breathability only to call themselves cool – and that too, not all the time. Morning Owl has a high focus on exceptional breathability and it goes an extra mile to make its mattresses very breathable.

Most of the brands that claim to be highly breathable either have just a one-inch breathable top layer or simply use an organic cotton cover to call themselves breathable. When we say we are breathable, we really mean it.

While manufacturing, we punch thousands of pin-core holes into our latex foam to ensure it is very bouncy and breathable. The reason we emphasize breathability is not that it only helps you sleep sweat-free but because breathability has a direct connection with your back pain.

When your mattress has high air circulation inside, you not just sleep comfortably and cool all night long but also get improved blood circulation in your body. The added blood flow thus ensures that your sore pressure points and stiff muscles are relaxed thus relieving your back pain.

2. Even Weight Distribution

Our orthopedic mattress provides zonal comfort by evenly distributing your body weight once you lie down. This way, no sore pressure points are developed across your body and your spinal column is aligned in a better way.

3. High Support Through Buoyant Force

One of the biggest reasons you might be experiencing terrible back pain with your existing mattress is that it might not be giving you the buoyant force and support you need to sleep comfortably and pain-free. As soon as you lie down on our mattress, it instantly pushes you against the force of gravity so that your spine is properly aligned and there is no pressure formed across your curves due to sinking inside the mattress.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you understand all about the Morning Owl Orthopedic Mattress so that you could bring home your ideal mattress that knows your pain points and works from day one to address your issues. Morning Owl is India’s only OEKO-TEX standard 100, eco-INSTITUT, BRIT QUALIS, and ISO certified 100% natural latex mattress brand that cares for your safety even more than you.

We care for your pockets too! So, if you are on a limited budget, grab our mattress at a flat 25% discount or purchase it via the no-cost EMI facility available while checking out. In case you have any doubts about our mattress or related to your back pain, feel free to contact us and we’d love to assist you.

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