India's Leading Latex Mattress In Bangalore

India's Leading Latex Mattress In Bangalore

Health First – Eco Friendly Breathable Mattress Designed With A Focus On Comfort.
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Go Natural - Take Charge Your Health With India's Only Accredited 
Latex Mattress In Bangalore

Go Natural - Take Charge Your Health With India's Only Accredited 
Latex Mattress In Bangalore

ISO Certified Health First Latex Mattress

From Rs.16,347 or As low as Rs.1363/mo

No Cost EMI Available

Complete Latex, Medium Firm (6-7) on firmness scale, Pin Core Holes (Breathability), No Chemicals, Safe for Kids, Density 80, ILD 24.2, No VOCs (carcinogenic Materials)

Morning Owl Natural

  • The Morning Owl Natural mattress is a complete Natural mattress made using Dunlop processed 100% Natural Latex Only. It is Naturally comfortable and provides the best support to your body. Each mattress is technologically designed with Pin core holes to increase the breathability of the mattress, so that you don’t sleep hot as in case of other Closed Cell structured PU foam mattresses.
  • Being Natural, it has No hazardous chemicals and no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – highly Carcinogenic Materials). Thus, it is completely safe for all, even Kids.
  • Each Morning Owl Natural is a 80 Density mattress with the tested ILD rating of 24.4.

Morning Owl Ortho

  • The Morning Owl Ortho mattress is a perfect blend of Nature and Technology. It is made using Dunlop processed 100% Natural Latex layer at the top and a High Density Resilient foam as the base.
  • With an increased firmness, the mattress is the most popular choice among people looking for orthopedic mattresses.
  • The Morning Owl Ortho mattress has the best in class support and high-end comfort.
  • Highly recommended for people with an Active Lifestyle.

From Rs.14,426 or As low as Rs.1203/mo

No Cost EMI Available

2″ Latex+ HR, Firm (7-8) on firmness scale, Orthopedic, Latex with Pin Core Holes (Breathability), Latex Density 80, HR Density – 50 , For People with an Active lifestyle

From Rs.11,525 or As low as Rs.961/mo

No Cost EMI Available

1″ Latex + HR , Very Firm (9) on firmness scale, The Hard/ Firm Mattress, Latex with Pin Core Holes (Breathability), Orthopedic, Latex Density 80, HR 55 , For people preferring a Hard Mattress

Morning Owl Ortho+

  • The Morning Owl Ortho+ is the Hard Mattress with the perfect combination of 1” of Dunlop Processed Natural Latex at the top and a High Density base.
  • The fusion of Latex and high density foam makes it the best pressure relieving and supportive mattress ever.
  • Highly recommended for people looking for a Firm mattress or Orthopedic mattress .

ISC Certification 9001-2015

Comfort For Our Customers Is Our Priority. Unique to us, our Latex Mattresses are ISO 9001-2005 certified. This means that our products are being manufactured meticulously, meeting all the regulatory norms and proving that our mattresses are safe for our customers.

I can honestly say that it has helped me get a good night’s sleep! I have bought expensive beds before, but none matched this one! comfort, chemical free and dust free - helps with my allergy problems too!


HCL- Bengaluru

The best thing I liked about Morning Owl mattress is that it is firm enough to support you, but also soft enough to give the feel of plushness. Luxurious and yet affordable!


Goldman Sachs- Bengaluru

I was sceptical before ordering the Morning Owl mattress. But then I realized, I had nothing to lose with 100 nights trial. And now I cannot think of returning the mattress. It has helped me manage my back problems. Like they promised, the mattress strikes the perfect balance between firmness and comfortability


Paypal- Bengaluru

Finding the best mattress in Bengaluru could be a tough task. So, Morning Owl ensures that we deliver the mattresses right at your doorstep. We take 3 days to manufacture the mattress and dispatch it the 4th day. We take 7 days approx to deliver the mattress in Bengaluru. If the order is received before 2 PM, it is processed the same day, else it is processes the next day.

We provide a 100 day trial. This helps you make a better choice by trying the mattress at home rather than travel in traffic and snarls of Bengaluru’s traffic. Our products are ISO 9001-2015 certified which means that not only is our product tested for quality, the performance also has been tested and has been accredited to be of the highest standards.

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People Sleep Well

According to a survey only 10% of people sleep well. Sleep deprivation, whether in Kids, Adults or old age can cause severe hormonal imbalances. As such, selecting a technology driven, sleep & body posture focused mattress in Bengaluru is critical.
Talk to one of our sleep experts on how our products could add value to your sleep cycles, and team Morning Owl would be happy to have delivery of the best mattress in Bengaluru  done right at your doorstep.